What countries do you ship to and what is the estimated delivery date? 

  • Shipping is available in all 50 states of the US. 
  • Receiving Time = Processing Time + Shipping Time
Processing Time
Shipping Time
1-3 Business Days
7-12 Business Days


Note: Delivery times in different places will be different, depending on the service level of your shipment and carrier that you choose.Please allow additional time for delivery.

When your order ships, you will receive a Shipping Notification email.
This email will provide you with your order ID to track your item as it makes its way to you, as well as the date your order was shipped. You can also check the status of your order online by logging into the track my order page with your Order ID and Email. For order tracking of questionable please contact customer service at service@gimitoys.com.


How do I know the shipping fee about my order?   

Destination Shipping Time Shipping Plan Shipping Fee Order Amount(USD)
 7-12 Business Days Free Shipping  Free over $59.00 
Standard Shipping  US$9.98  $0.00-$58.99 
  • Customs duty policy: the charges of customs duties are responsible to the buyers. (The exact amount of customs duties depends on the Fee Standards of different countries.)
  • Please know that shipping charges are those charged by our third party carriers to us and being that most of our products are made of solid wood, they can weight more than some other toys and furniture. 


What if my order has not been shipped for more than 5 days

Order Processing Standards
Order Status Treatment Measures Processing Staff
Not shipped in more than 4 days Email the customer Customer Service
Not shipped in more than 7 days Email + SMS + WhatsApp+ Call
 the customer
Customer Service
Not shipped in more than 5 days Get random gifts by default Warehouse Staff


How do I track my order?

We’ll send you a shipping confirmation email when your order ships. If you do not see the email, please check your spam folder.This email contains your package tracking number and the parcel carrier handling your shipment. You’ll be able to track your package by clicking on a button in that email. You can also check the status of your order anytime by first signing in to our site then going to the Account Details section. Go to Order History, then Order Details to find information on the shipping method and the tracking number. Should you have any additional questions about your order please email us at service@gimitoys.com


The tracking info says “scheduled pending”, what does this mean?

Scheduled Pending delivery could simply imply that your package is at the station and is awaiting its turn to get scanned into a vehicle and then dispatched. If it doesn’t show any movement for more than a few days, please call the carrier for the status of your shipment.


I made a mistake on the shipping information at checkout, how do I change that?

Whoops, it happens! We can definitely try our best to help you change the shipping information before the order shipped out. If the order has been shipped, please contact the location you mistakenly put to see if they can forward the shipment to you. Please email us at service@gimitoys.com as soon as possible so we can help in a timely manner.