2-in-1 Jigsaw Puzzles Gift Set

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2- in-1 Puzzle - Piece together your favorite themes including Dinosaur Valley, Ocean Discovery.

Dinosaur Valley Theme Puzzle (105pcs)

  • The dinosaur valley before the volcanic eruption, the dinosaur group living freely, because the disaster is about to come, the little warrior who travels through time and space should spell out the complete drawings as soon as possible, find the stolen dinosaur eggs and brought it back to now, avoid dinosaurs extinct.

    Ocean Discovery Theme Puzzle (108pcs)

    • The ocean accounts for about 71% of the Earth's surface area. So far, only 5% of the seabed has been explored by humans, and 95% of the seabed is unknown. So how much do you know about underwater creatures? Let us sneak into the deep sea to count.

      Product Features:

      • Educational Toy- The paper puzzle can give full play to children's creativity and imagination, let the children in the game improve aesthetics, cultivate the ability and concentration, inspire artistic inspiration, free children's creativity.
      • Native Material- The puzzle used the native pulp pressed, thickened cardboard is easier for children to grab.
      • Natural Plant Dyes- The dyes and inks are made from natural plants that the color of the product is colorful and bright to stimulate kids' visual development and enhance their visual sense.
      • Storage Bag- Adopted the straps sling bag as packaging to add fun to children and the storage case can be used to pack the puzzle, books, snacks, or other items.


        • Color: As shown
        • Packing: Color Box
        • Material: Native Pulp
        • Product Category: Plane Puzzle
        • Theme: Dinosaur Valley, Ocean Discovery, 
        • Dinosaur Valley Puzzle Size: 59.4 x 37.4cm / 23.4'' x 14.7'' (L x W)
        • Ocean Discovery Puzzle Size: 59.7 x 37.6cm / 23.5'' x 14.8'' (L x W)

            Package Included:

            • 1 x Dinosaur Valley Theme Puzzle (105pcs)
            • 1 x Ocean Discovery Theme Puzzle (108pcs)


              • 1. Avoid contact with water.
              • 2. Avoid exposure to high temperature.
              • 3. It is recommended to store in a dry and cool place.
              • 4. Please allow 1~3cm error due to manual measurement.
              • 5. Please wipe the surface gently with a clean cloth or handkerchief.

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