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The principle of volcanic eruption

Baking soda + citric acid + water will form a volcanic eruption scene, because baking soda is alkaline and citric acid is acidic. The two will react to generate a large amount of carbon dioxide gas, which is easy to decompose and overflow from the solution, forming bubbles and releasing The heat is generated, and if it reacts in a limited space, it will produce a volcanic explosion.


1. Check that the accessories are complete

2. Add water and gypsum powder in the ratio of 3::10

3. Pour the stirred gypsum into the volcano mold

4. Wait 24 hours for the plaster to dry

5. Paint the plaster model according to your imagination

6. Add the powder of citric acid and baking soda to the top of the volcano

Add water to it and you can see the effect of the volcanic eruption.


500g gypsum powder, measuring cup, six-color paint strip, painting brush, volcano mold, 10g baking soda, 10g citric acid, stirring rod, goggles, instruction manual


-Not suitable for children under 8 years old.

-Use under adult supervision.

-Please read the instructions before use, and operate according to the instructions for reference.

-Do not let chemicals come into contact with any part of the body, especially the mouth and eyes.

-Keep children and animals away from the experiment.

Place the experimental device out of the reach of children under 8 years of age.

Safety instructions:

-Read and follow the expensive and safety information instructions, safety rules and first aid information of these safety instructions. Before the start of the experiment, the permission of the parent or adult needs to be obtained and carried out under the supervision of the parent.

-Keep the activity area clean and away from food storage. The activity area should be well-lit, well ventilated, and close to water sources. Clean up the active area immediately after each experiment.

-After each experiment, wash your hands and clean all equipment.

-Do not use equipment or tools that are not provided or recommended in the manual for experiments.

-Do not eat or drink in the experimental activity area. Do not eat or drink the experimental product, unless the instructions indicate that it can be done. Do not put the accessories related to this product in your mouth.

-Some experiments require you to use ordinary household items. Before using these items, be sure to consult and obtain permission from an adult.

-If you have any allergic reaction to the product, you should seek medical attention immediately. Bring the product and instructions with you when you seek medical attention.

Please wash your hands thoroughly after the experiment.

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