Gimitoys™ Bluetooth Musical Tesla Coil

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Fascinating Touchable Lightning 

You will be fascinated by the striking but safe lightning generated by this amazing Electric current Bluetooth Speaker. Watch the lightning dance to the beat. It generates 10cm/3.9" lightning.  You can experience the crisp sounds of this Bluetooth speaker with or without the antennae.

When you touch it, it will tickle and massage your hands.

Great Science Experiment

This speaker can be used to create high-voltage lightning and do various scientific experiments, such as wireless power transmission, wireless lighting, and insulator withstand voltage tests.  It is a smart device for wireless transmission experiments. Experimenting with safe-touch lighting is a great way to teach and spark students' interest in science!

This music tesla has a circuit protection design, and will not damage the input device. It adopts a newly designed PCB circuit board, the circuit design is reasonable and better. It can play music of better quality than other normal arc plasma loudspeakers. 

    Futuristic Technology:

    • Easily connect with wireless Bluetooth
    • Create high-voltage lightning, wireless power transmission, and wireless lighting
    • Lightning conducted music
    • Safe-touch lightning flashes
    • Will not damage any input device

    Product Information

    Supply voltage: 110 - 220V AC 50/60Hz To 48V 2A DC
    Power: 0-120W
    Lightning length: 0- 10CM (Adjustable)

    Package Content:
    .1 x Tesla Coil
    .4 x Neon Bulb
    .1 x Discharge Needle
    .1 x Power Adapter

    How to Use it?

    Great inventions are often made in bold conjecture and practice. Gimitoys™ Tesla Music is attributed to Nikola Tesla. Our team ensures the best quality in design and materials used.

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