Water Balls 30,000 Bullets

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The colorful gel balls are made from non-toxic, non-irritating, starch-based material. Water hydrated gel ball burst on contact and immediately begin to evaporate. Including 3 Packs of 10,000 ball bullets, a total of 30,000 bullets.

Ammo preparation: Soaking in warm water for 4 hours until the beads reach 7-8mm.

No Need to Clean: The water ball will burst into pieces on impact. And the pieces will automatically evaporate and disappear without polluting.

Easy to Store: Store the water balls in an airtight container and submerge them in water, away from the elements and direct sunlight and they will last up to 3 months. 



  • We advise that once the beads have soaked, you should use them at once, and if use them after a while, you should add more water.
  • Don't mix beads, get stuck easily.
  • If use beads from another brand, it will affect the launch effect.

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